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I agree/acknowledge that I have requested to have my Medicareful site maintained by Ritter Insurance Marketing. As the Agent of Record, it is my responsibility to verify and maintain my state licenses and appointments with my carriers as well as maintaining the status of “ready to sell” each calendar year. I understand the availability of my Medicareful online enrollment option is contingent upon my successful completion of all requirements to be appointed and ready to sell on behalf of the specific carrier(s). I will not hold Medicareful or any of its affiliates responsible for any actions taken by insurance carriers or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This agreement applies to all carriers that are currently available with online enrollment as well as to all carriers that may be added in the future.

I understand that I may not embed the Medicareful webpage into my personal website. I am permitted to create a link that redirects consumers to my personal Medicareful page. Any violation of these terms will result in termination from the Medicareful program.

Online enrollments may be completed face to face with your enrollee or you may provide assistance over the phone. You are required to document a Scope of Appointment for all appointments.

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After your Medicareful agreement is received, the Medicareful support team will set up your page and enable the online enrollment feature for all carriers that you have requested and that you are appointed with that have the online enrollment feature available. Your account will then be active to receive online enrollments for those carriers. Confirmation will be sent once the setup is complete.